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About NHF

Education • Empowerment • Behavior Modification

NutraHealthFood aims to create a community of healthy individuals who are working toward maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Rather than focusing on the treatment of diseases, NHF focuses on prevention through proper education of what maintaining a healthy lifestyle really means.

Combining the science of food with nutrition and health education, while also leveraging the powerful Patient Health Information Tracking System to track and report on patient and program success, the goal is to reduce the instances of obesity and chronic diseases, before the damage is done.

Creating long-lasting change, plus implementing the latest in health research and innovation is paramount for us; if your sentiments are similar, ford a partnership with us.
Eduacation • Empowerment • Modification

Why NutraHealthFood?

  • Provides comprehensive education programs, seminars, presentations, community workshops, classroom lessons.
  • Offers child, adolescent and family–focused education.
  • Specializes in Hispanic community education.
  • Offers services in Spanish and English.
  • Offers adult and corporate programs.
  • Allies with non–profit and government–sponsored health agencies, doctors, school districts and other like–minded health professionals.
  • Creates customized progress tracking and reporting.
  • Serves as media representative.

Forget fad diets, NutraHealthFood aims to create a community that is Healthy for Life!

“I learned how to read food labels… new healthy foods…that chocolate is good for you in some ways.” — AHA “Go Healthy Challenge” participant